The Australian people are over the rainbow crap getting shoved down their throats.
Most Australians are unaware of just how pervasive radical gender theory is in our society. But when they find out-they're horrified.

Dusty goes to 'Church and State' conference and talks to Australia's leading political activists pushing back against the LGBTP pedophile agenda.

Below are the people interviewed and how to follow them:

Church and state:

Kirralie Smith is an activist who speaks fearlessly about the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women.

Lyle Shelton is an Australian conservative political activist and leader of political party Family First.

George Christensen is a former Australian politician and former journalist who was a member of the Australian House of Representatives

Topher Field is one of Australia's leading and most recognised Libertarian Political Commentators and Human Rights activists.

Joel Jammal describes himself as a Christian Australian Conservative, Journalist & Political Commentator and "Lover of Freedom"

Studio segment: Dusty interviews our mate from Culture on fire about his recent tick-tock video going viral. This man has woken up many Australians to the danger of the woke agenda. Follow Culture on fire at:

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Mar 30th, 2023

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