"Cake Girl" ARRESTED by FBI for "Touching Table" on J6! Who's NEXT? | Guest: Behizy

3 years after January 6th, 2021.. after the political persecution and subsequent PROSECUTION of dozens of American patriots.. you would think anyone who could have been caught and punished would have been by now, right? Well, you would be WRONG. One of the more innocuous social media figures who attended J6, Isabella DeLuca, was ARRESTED and CHARGED with theft of government property. Will we need Trump to get back in office before this madness stops?

Also.. after YEARS of being at Charlie Kirk's side, being a spokesperson for TPUSA, and taking money from Conservative groups.. prominent gay commentator Rob Smith has LEFT the REPUBLICAN party. Rob claims to have been called both the "N word" and "F word" at a recent event.. Was that really all it took for him to turn his back on the people who supported him? We discuss..

Joining us is BEHIZY for tonight's NIGHTLY OFFENSIVE!

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Mar 19th, 2024

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