INTRO: Why I Never Gave Up on Women (0:00-10:34) • Super Bowl LVIII: May the Whitest Team Win! (10:34-15:53) • MUSICAL JUSTICE: Chuck Berry (15:53-47:22) • FUNNIEST MEN ON EARTH: The Amazing Racist (47:22-1:11:25) • VOICEMAIL: Should Anyone Give a Fuck About Tucker Carlson's Putin Interview?; What Do I Think About David "14 Words" Lane's "88 Precepts"?; Why Are Immigrants So Rude While Americans Are So Nice When They Visit Tijuana?; When Is "Negronomicon" Being Released, and Would I Write a Book About Parents Who Kill Their Kids and Vice-Versa? (1:11:25-1:28:18) • WE KNOW THEY'RE LYING: Dopey Female Rapper Confronts Interviewer: "I'm A Musician? What The Fuck That Mean? Make Magic Or Something?" (1:28:18-1:41:46); Judge Denies MTF Tranny's Civil Suit Seeking Damages Against Ex Who Threw "Deez Nuts" Out of the Fridge (1:41:46-1:53:12); Black Teen Charged in Murder of White Watermelon Vendor (1:53:12-1:58:10); UC San Francisco Hosts Lecture By Fruity Black Man Who Claims "Whites Are Psychopaths" and That "We Have It Written in the Law--You Can Rape Black Women" (1:58:10-2:11:21); Joe Biden Forgets the Reasons Why People Accusing Him of Having a "Poor Memory" Are Wrong (2:11:21-2:23:39) • USE THE NEW PROMO CODE "BALLS" FOR A 20% DISCOUNT (2:23:39-2:44:41)

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Feb 11th, 2024

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