INTRO: Using Politics to Segregate the Sexes (0:00-8:34) • Uncle Jimbo Unloads a Whole New Bucket of "Hardballs Rules!!!" Sound Drops (8:34-14:00) • JAWS OF THE WHITE PANTHER: Why Can't We All Be Friends? (14:00-18:34) • MUSICAL JUSTICE: Songs We Taught The Cramps (18:34-46:21) • TV MAUSOLEUM: "Stairway to Stardom" (1978-1991) (46:21-1:18:53) • VOICEMAIL: Gay Brian Wants to Know if I've Ever Had Facial Hair; Was I Aware That New Mexico Had Beautiful Scenery and Creepy People?; Luke From Seattle Wonders Whether It's a Bad Idea to Enlist in the American Armed Forces; Roger From North California Wants to Know if White Liberalism Is a Defense Mechanism (1:18:53-1:37:20) • WE KNOW THEY'RE LYLING: How Does This Monstrously Fat Woman Even Fit on TikTok? (1:37:20-1:58:17); Deadbeat Mom Shoots Herself After Arrest For Masturbating With Vibrator on Georgia Beach (1:58:17-2:11:33); White Hip-Hop Fan Knocked Out After Asking if He Can Take a Rapper's Picture (2:11:33-2:22:17); Los Angeles "Social Justice Advocate" Killed By Black Homeless Woman (2:22:17-2:29:13); Meanwhile, Black Los Angeles Man Arrested for Shooting and Killing Three Homeless People (2:29:13-2:31:00); Fired KFC Employee Says "Shoot All the White People," Gets Arrested for Shooting a White Person, Almost No One Reports on It (2:31:00-2:34:38) • KARAOKE CAVALCADE: "Cattle Call" (2:34:38-2:37:23); "Rawhide" (2:37:23-2:39:28) • USE THE NEW PROMO CODE "BALLS" FOR A 20% DISCOUNT (2:39:28-2:40:29)

Dec 04th, 2023

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