INTRO: A Cow Named Jigaboo (0:00-10:09) • Whether You Like it or Not, We Are All "People of the Ball" (10:09-13:38) • MUSICAL JUSTICE: Spaghetti Western Vocal Tracks (13:38-38:31) • TV MAUSOLEUM: "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" (1976-77) (38:31-1:21:52) • VOICEMAIL: White Panther's Dietary Tips; Should the ADL and SPLC Be Designated As Hate Groups? (1:21:52-1:40:57) • WE KNOW THEY'RE LYING: Barack Obama's Faggy Fantasies (1:40:57-1:53:41); Chicago Democrat Asks Gangs if They Would Please Only Shoot People at Night (1:53:41-1:58:58); Texts Show Florida Mom Encouraged Her Son to Kill His Baby Mama (1:58:58-2:11:15); Bodycam Shows Crazed Chimp-Man Attacking Female Cop With Hammer (2:11:15-2:15:24); Cincinnati Woman Named "Dermisha" Faked Texts From Her "Racist" Landlord (2:15:24-2:29:26); Belgian Teen Forced to Kiss the Shoes of His Muslim Tormentors (2:29:26-2:33:32); Fake Muslim Tranny Sues Gay Ex, Demanding He Return His Testicles From the Refrigerator They Once Shared (2:33:32-2:43:59) • JAWS OF THE WHITE PANTHER: A Gringo Like Me (2:43:59-2:47:30)

Aug 20th, 2023

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